Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dream of the Dolphin

For Agassi’s farewell, one of the news channels was playing “Dream of the Dolphin” (Enigma). And, man, that felt so great! That’s the same track I had chosen (exactly the same length extracted, too) for a grand farewell that I had connivedly* arranged for our BA third years’ batch. It felt great for two reasons:
a). Whoa! So, my music sense is right up there, you know! I think like the bigwigs!!
b). It took me to those days…

…I get a thrill out of taking up challenges on behalf of a large number of people: that’s how I play my mischief. “Get them together, let’s do something! Hey, common, Prashant! Move your lazy bum!” I mean, the great man was so me when he said, “…How dull it is to pause… …To rust unburnished, not to shine in use! / As though to breathe were life.”

And go back ten years, and you’ll find a child knocking his neighbour’s door, asking his mother if he could come out to play with him. “Sonu’s studying right now. You can come back later.” And, if you’re careful, you may also notice a little boy in the school-break, walking in the company of only his tiffin box, lost in a crowd….

Today, when I look back at all the farewells that I have received, I look back with a fair sense of generativity, and a pronounced hunger for more! Even today, I'm isolated: but this time it's for celebration.

Gosh! You never can say what they’ll grow up to be, can you?

*Yeah, I know. That’s how new words come into existence. :-)
It may sound weird, but this I got this (our own) farewell arranged because our teachers would not agree to attending the regular farewell, and I wanted all of them to be there when we were being flagged off.


Anonymous Vid said...

Gosh! u're a senti old bloke!

And also, Go dude!!

Wed Sep 13, 09:26:00 pm 2006  

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